Syria report 07th of August 2011


What is happening in Hama….Report of a person that escaped from it today……
I left Hama a little bit ago, heavy shelling of the city was still ongoing. It started at Sohour time (before dawn) before 06:00am using fixed machine guns (M85). The military and security forces stormed Jizdan neighborhood and Ajzeh roundabout. Four doctors that worked in Hourani hospital were killed. A christian lady was shot by a sniper today in her home. The army is conquering the entire city, even the sidelanes. I could not count or even estimate the number of martyrs, but it is a high number. Today, security forces launched a massive detention campaign and went house to house raiding the homes, even deserted houses, in the neighborhoods of Jarajmeh, Jonoub Thakaneh and Bab Qalbi. The military and security forces demolished houses and destructed them, vandalized and looted them. They arrested over 80 people from the neighborhoods of Baraziyeh and Farayeh.
Regarding the children of premature babies in Hourani hospital, unfortunately the power cuts have caused a lack of oxygen, but I do not know how many of them died. Verification of news is still a very difficult task in the city as the neighborhoods are isolated from each other. It is impossible for families to escape from the city, but young men can, with many difficulties. The food situation is going from bad to worse.

Damascus Suburbs
30 buses full of security men and armed thugs entered the accommodations of the army’s first division, opposite to Al abed oil station, 3 of them are currently at the platoon

A sit-in was carried out at 06:00 pm today Madina Square in solidarity with Deir Ezzor

massive demonstration in Bab Sbaa now, chanting “go now Bashar” “suicide Bashar” and “The people want the toppling of the regime”

Security forces are shooting bullets now in Hamra street where it set out a big demonstration in solidarity with Hama and Deir Ezzor amid heavy spread of the security around Homs

Lt. Fadi Kism was martyred today after 24 hours passed after his defection from the army. Security forces shot him with a bullet to the head at the eastern entrance to Rastan

more than 8000 demonstrators in Raml chanting to topple the regime, among the slogans “O Deir Ezzor we will support you to death”, the number are increasing

Approximately 1,000 protesters in the village of Nou’mieh chanting for the toppling of the regime.

Daraa: Daeel
Massive demonstrations took off from the Grand Mosque and the Hassan Mosque, converging in the Yasser Assimi Square. The number of demonstrations has reached 5,000, all of them chanting their support for Deir Ezzor, Homs, Hawla, and Idlib

Midan: Extremely heavy gunfire in the area of Nahr Aisha now.

Videoes From Syria
Al tal:



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We will continue our peaceful revolution against the dictator regime of Asad until the last drop of our blood. The dictator Bashar Asad the president of Syria has killed more than 2200 peaceful and honest people in 4 months and has detained more than 75000 people and we still do not know anything about 15000 people who have disappeared and kidnapped by the regime for the last 4 months. It is a call for all free people in the world to support The Syrian people against the dictatorship and against the genocides which is happening right now in Syria.
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