Liquidation of the detainees within the security departments

Number of Martyrs reached to 12 today 11 from Qusair in Homs and 1 in Lattakia

Liquidation of the detainees within the security departments
9 detainees has died under the torture inside the security department within the last 10 days in a significant increase in the pace of killing under the torture in the security departments, while the number of cases of death under torture has reached from the beginning of the revolution until now 65 case
where the last 10 days has witnessed the death of Fahed Adnan in Damascus Suburbs in Douma from being tortured in the country’s security department, Ghassan Refaee in Qaboun in Damascus which body has been thrown in front of his house with the effect of severe torture after being detained for a few days by the security. the death of Mohammad Mahl Alkarad from Daraa, Rohy Fayez Alnadaf from Erbeen in Damascus Suburbs who died from torture the day he was detained and his body was delivered to his parents after two days with the affect of brutal torture. plus Tamer Alshomary, Jehad Ebara, Khaled Morad and Tamer Alyaseen from Homs

a wide arrest campaign in Quseir city included many of the socially renowned figures like: Abou ZahrEddine Alzuhouri , Tareq Alsmaeel, Jamal Alsmaeel , Oqba Alsmaeel, Ousama Ahmad Amer , Ghassan Amer

Deir Ezzor
the army bombarded Badr el Dein school with several residental buildings near it in addition to Al Nour hospital, the army with his tanks still occupied the city with the continuous random arresting of more than 1000 people! The firing is still being heard intermittently in the whole besieged city. The whole life is stopped in the city and the effects of the destruction that regime’s armed thugs left in the homes and the proporeties are clear.The security forces forced the employees to work full time to make the conditions look normal


Maaret Nouman
Detention campaign is still continuing in the city, detainees known so far: Shekh Hussain Barakat, Abdulrahman Seddeeq, Abdulrahman AlAhmad, Ahmad Makhzoom, Ahmad Ismael, Abdullah Ismael (Medicine student), Fadel Ibrahim and Fawaz AlSalal (Pharmacist), while tanks retreated to the city edges

Storming campaign for activists houses and more than 100 were detained 30 of them are children, security reinforcements arrived to the area

Security forces and shabiha (regime’s armed thugs) stormed the town at 7 AM and conducted a large house raid campaign and detained 150-200 people, they’ve retreated now

Hundereds of people protested infront of the association of engineers chanting for Hama, Homs, and the wake up of Swaida, protesters have been attacked and strongly beaten by security forces and Shabiha, lots of protestors were detained, like:
Engineer Adel Abo Zein Al Dien
Engineer Abdullah AlHakeem
Engineer Gazi ALJari
Kosay Hennawi
The poet : Foaad Kahal
Engineer Morhaf AlKhateeb
Sakher Fayyadh
Nezar Suhair Abu Al-Fakhr
Jaber Mhanna (Lawyer)
Sami Al-Halabi (Journalist)
Moa’ed Doarah (Engineer)
Amjad Doa’ar
Feras Abu Al-Fakhr
Fakhr Moa’ed Fayyad
Sakher Fayyad
Moa’ed Fayyad
Jamal Khadaj
Nour Khadaj
Rabe’a Khadaj
Lutfi Al-Henawi
Akram Ma’aroof
Molham Al-Khateeb
Morhaf Al-Khateeb
A’asef Henawi
Fadi Nabil Al-Samman
Feras Kabbol


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We will continue our peaceful revolution against the dictator regime of Asad until the last drop of our blood. The dictator Bashar Asad the president of Syria has killed more than 2200 peaceful and honest people in 4 months and has detained more than 75000 people and we still do not know anything about 15000 people who have disappeared and kidnapped by the regime for the last 4 months. It is a call for all free people in the world to support The Syrian people against the dictatorship and against the genocides which is happening right now in Syria.
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