The latest report from Syria 14th of August 2011


Security forces and the Syrian army, stationed since yesterday near Talae’a camp, stormed Raml at dawn today by military vehicles. The operation was carried out from three axes: Gharraf Street, Mokhayam Street and Bahar (sea) road.
Vehicles have reached Horyah (Freedom) Square amid heavy gun fire from heavy machine guns supported by shelling via naval force anchored off the beaches of Raml.
And there is reports of defections within the army, who confronted the security forces and clashes between them occurred.
So far, we confirm that 25 martyrs have fallen (including 3 children), in addition to a large number of wounded, while people are not allowed to help the wounded. Security forces in Raml stole bodies of martyrs from the cemetery.
Storming the Raml area was accompanied by heavy and random shooting intermittently in a number of boroughs in Lattakia, which has led to a number of injuries. Southern Raml has witnessed mass emigration of women and children since the early hours of the morning, and the same happened in Kneinis neighbourhood at noon.
Today, the city is holding a general strike as a means of protest against the military campaigns in the besieged neighbourhoods.

Homs: Hawla
Mohammad Hussain Ali was excuted by shabiha (regime’s armed thugs) supported by security forces in a checkpoint on Homs-Hawla road, all Hawla residents (based on ID cards) were forces to get off a bus and Mohammad Hussain Ali was shot directly, the bus was also shot and 7 were wounded

Damascus suburbs
Military and security forces stormed Saqba, Hammorieh and and Jisreen at 1:30 AM, they stormed many homes and conducted a large detention campaign. Mosques were prevented from raising Azan of Fajr prayer, they retreated at 3 PM chanting “O Bashar don’t care, we’re your men who drink blood” and they left graffitis that mentions Assad as a god

Idlib: Sarjeh
Abbas Dawood Shekh was killed due to artillery shelling yesterday on Sarjeh

internet service have been cut off in Amouda
Derik: Hundreds are participating in a demonstraion in the town of Deereek. They are chanting in support of Homs and Lattakia and Rukneddin and all the besieged areas
More than 2,000 people are in the funeral of martyr Mahmour Omar Wahbe, who was killed on Friday by a sniper while he was attending the funeral of another martyr (soldier Sami Qitt Al-Layen). 7 buses of Shabiha and vehicles of security forces headed to the square of Al-Kabeer mosque where the funeral was taking place. Heavy security presence at Al-Sakhra borough with one of the passerbys been arrested by a security car that was wandering in the area. Security forces and the army attacked the funeral using gunfire, then besieged the cemetery for some time before allowing people out after checking their identity cards looking for certain wanted people


About syrianupdate

We will continue our peaceful revolution against the dictator regime of Asad until the last drop of our blood. The dictator Bashar Asad the president of Syria has killed more than 2200 peaceful and honest people in 4 months and has detained more than 75000 people and we still do not know anything about 15000 people who have disappeared and kidnapped by the regime for the last 4 months. It is a call for all free people in the world to support The Syrian people against the dictatorship and against the genocides which is happening right now in Syria.
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