Latest report from Syria 18/08/2011

I am proud to be from the capital of the Syrian Revolution and from the real heart of Homs Bab Alsebaa (thank you my father for that)

Homs returns to the forefront as the capital of the Syrian revolution. The city and its suburbs presents daily martyrs for freedom, and it is not witnessing quiet days since several months. Today, the city neighborhoods witnessed sporadic heavy gun fire that doesn’t stop and took the lives of 9 martyrs from the eastern and western parts of the city and even from Palestinian Refugees camp. Among the martyrs, a lady was sitting in her home, and a man who went to his work. All that didn’t prevent people of the city from going out in after-Taraweeh demonstrations challenging the injustice and oppression although it was faced by heavier gun fire.
Also the suffering didn’t end in Raml and Palestinian Refugees camp in Lattakia, the neighborhood that was emptied nearly from its population after it was subjected for many days to shelling and gun fire and malicious assaults by Shabiha (regime’s armed thugs). Immigrants are still being killed in the way of escape and the besieged people still bleed to death because of lack of medical supplies and impossibility of movement. We cannot stand on the real numbers of the martyrs, but the escapees’ tells are enough to expect dozens of martyrs. There were more than 30 bodies of them have withdrawn today to the center of the square and the security men dressed them military uniforms with an official media filming to justify the killing and destruction. What is going on in Raml, also we see it in AlSkantore, Qunenis, and Qala’a, the old neighborhoods in the city which is opposing the regime since the firt days of the uprising and since the first siege of the city 4 months ago.Demonstration which demands toppling of the regime and supporting other cities started after Taraweeh prayer (Ramadan night prayer), from Qamishli and Amouda in the far north-east to Aleppo that witnessed increasing numbers of protesters and a first attempt to march toward its biggest squares “Saad Allah Al-Jabry”, and to Idlib which is challenging shooting, siege of the Suburbs and tens of tanks spread there, which was shelling all day and last night, to Lattakia which is also challenging shooting, and Hama which is still isolated from the world and living under the mercy of the security forces and its suburbs which was taken a week ago with arresting campaigns accourding to wanted-lists are still going in homes and on barricades, also in Damascus Suburbs, Douma, Harasta, Zabadany, Kesweh and Mouadamyeh which are all living under the military and security heavy presence and barricades are in every entrance and every main street, also in Damascus with its old and new neighborhoods even if it was small due to the spread of security and mass arrests that took place recently in the capital and its suburbs, and to Daraa where a demonstration goes off to decompress other demonstrations in the first revolutionary province and most vulnerable to the violence of the army.Homs
Martyrdom of Rasha Borhan Al Ammar, 17 year old, in Bab Sbaa when a grenades penetrated her house shoot by a security checkpoint next to her house Kseer: Mutual shooting between security forces and shabiha (regime’s armed thugs), city area were isolated from each other and a curfew was imposedAleppo
a demonstration in Al Hareri street near Al Malab Al Baladi chanting for toppling the regime
A demonstration went out in Bustan Zahra chanting to topple the regime and in support to the besieged cities
Gunfire by military security elements about an hour ago in the neighborhood of Salah Addin against a demonstration which marched infront of Owais AlQurani mosque chanting to topple the regime
the security forces and Shabiha attack more than two thousand demonstrators that came out of Sayf al Dawleh mosque. More than 25 demonstrators were arrestedLatakia
Security forces breaks into the shops and destroys their contents in Gharraf neighborhood
heavy gunfire on Al Harash road right now
security forces and Shabiha has broke into institution building for Palestine refugees in Raml camp and sabotaged it’s contents of documents and identification papers for the Palestinians
an attempt to ignite a sectarian disorder by Shabiha through exploding a car in Mashrou AlAwqaf which contains Aalwite magority, knowing that the explosion took place next to the state security branch and the area is pretty much like a security barracks, Dunya TV instantly came to the location for recording few minutes after the explosion Jableh
Intensification of inspection procedures on the entrances while security reinforcements are gathering in the governmental compoundDamascus
A Brief demonstration a while ago in Taliani, chanted to topple the regime and thrown leaflets and paper clippings which the security men are still collecting until now Damascus Suburbs
Douma: Demonstrations marched from Hasiba, Baghdadi and AlKabir mosques gathered together to walk around the city chanting to topple the regime
Zabadany: A demonstration has taken off from Al-Jisr mosque after Taraweeh prayer
Kesweh : Huge demonstration went off a while ago inspite of heavy security existance and strong siege
Tal: start of a demonstration of hundreds of people with women participation going from Farouq mosque towards Biba then the Post areaIdlib
Shooting from shabiha (regime’s armed thugs) at demonstrators in Saraqeb
heavy gunfire in most of the villages of jabal Zawyeh with coming of security and army reinforcements with tanks to the villages specially around Ihsem village, while the arrest raids in Mraayan led to arrest more than fifty peopleHama
Raid campaign, random arrests and heavy gunfire in the neighborhood of Qosour rigth now.
Gunfire also in Saboneih neighborhood Daraa
Daeel: a mass demonstration after Taraweeh prayer in the martyr Yasser Al Asmi square and the chants for the besieged cities and Raml
Jasem: a demonstration in Al Bileh neighborhood to reduce pressure on the demonstrators in the west neighborhood and who are subjected to repression by the security forces and the army
Jasim: massive demonstration in solidarity with Lattakia and all the besieged cities despite the aggressive security presence


About syrianupdate

We will continue our peaceful revolution against the dictator regime of Asad until the last drop of our blood. The dictator Bashar Asad the president of Syria has killed more than 2200 peaceful and honest people in 4 months and has detained more than 75000 people and we still do not know anything about 15000 people who have disappeared and kidnapped by the regime for the last 4 months. It is a call for all free people in the world to support The Syrian people against the dictatorship and against the genocides which is happening right now in Syria.
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