Homs, your wound does not need witnesses 22nd of August report from Syria

Homs, your wound does not need witnesses

The attempts of the regime to polish its picture abroad always comes before the international community wants to take steps against the regime’s violence and continuous killings to give its allies a chance to negotiate and block the steps of the international community to convict the regime. This is an attempt to lengthen its lifetime for some longer and not to lose its international legitimacy after it lost its legitimacy internally by stepping up the violence past natural limits and committed crimes to be classified as crimes against humanity as declared by international human rights organizations.

After the statement of Assad that he will withdraw the military from all cities, which did not happen, he backpedaled and justified the solution involving the military and security forces during his latest interview. He left announcement of political change very vague, clinging to his stubborn ignorance of what is happening on the street. Today, the regime tried to rid the cities of all military and security presence, only on the planned route of the United Nations fact finding delegation which passes through the quietest neighborhoods of the cities visited. The security forces could do nothing else than to disperse the demonstrations that had gathered by force of arms immediately after the delegation had left. This led to the death of cititzens, including a child. One car of the United Nations came back to rescue one of the injured. The delegation continued to move through made up neighborhoods of the cities, assuming that if they see the made-up neighborhoods they will not recognize the signs of destruction in it, in Lattakia and Banyas and Zabadani and others.
Residents continued to call for demonstrations in many of Homs’ neighborhood, leading to gunfire in which more protesters were killed.

After Taraweeh, demonstrations were chanting for toppling of the regime and refusing the recent TV interview by Al-Assad, and comparing it to Al-Qathafi (who has fallen), congratulating their brothers in Libya, and supporting the people of Homs. In spite of the military siege of Kiswa, people demonstrated and many of them were arrested. Thousands have been arrested in Harasta, Douma, Idlib, Deir Ezzor (and its towns Mayadeen and Bukamal), Daraa (and its towns Inkhil and Daeel) the towns that witness daily gunfire and raids.

The most prominent gathering today was in Raqa, where more than 100 lawyers held a sit-in responding to a call from “Syria’s Lawyers for Freedom”, demanding the ruling of law, and to release the detainees; several lawyers were subsequently arrested in a violent and humiliating way. In Swaida, where peaceful uprising continued alongside the other cities, three female activists were arrested during the daily sit-in, and were later released. A quick demonstration also took off at the centre of the commercial heart of the capital, and finished by arresting a number of participants.

Damascus Suburbs
Violent assaults of the security forces, Shabiha and loyalists of the Fouashra Clan against Kurds after security forces caused strife amongst them. More than 10 were injured, and there are reports about martyrs as well.

Detention campaign started near Anas bin Malek mosque and reached: Mohammad Joma’a, Maher Joma’a, Bassam Shekh Uthman and many others

Army and security forces patroling along the main road and other parts of the town to terrorize the people in the town. Arbitrary arrests are taking place.

Barzeh City
Security forces search houses, in search of wanted persons, pushing the residents to pay bribes to prevent arrests. Additionally, family members are forces to pay money for the release of detainees

martyrdom of Alaa Abu Al-Laban and his son Majd by a shell hit their house balcony in Waer neighborhood, with gunfire in Nazeheen and Baba Amr neighborhoods. Also tanks returned to Khaldieh neighborhood to relocate in it after withdrawal from this neighborhood yesterday.


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We will continue our peaceful revolution against the dictator regime of Asad until the last drop of our blood. The dictator Bashar Asad the president of Syria has killed more than 2200 peaceful and honest people in 4 months and has detained more than 75000 people and we still do not know anything about 15000 people who have disappeared and kidnapped by the regime for the last 4 months. It is a call for all free people in the world to support The Syrian people against the dictatorship and against the genocides which is happening right now in Syria.
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