Syria Today 25/08/2011 S.O.S Syrian people

Martyrdom of Abdallah Salom in Adawia neighborhood by security gunfire
demonstration in Dablan street in the city centre despite the heavy presence of the security raid campaign in the eastern neighborhoods of Kafralaha and Taldahab during which somes houses were looted and fire shot in order to terrorize the population
Talbiseh: very heavy fire shooting leads to the fall of several wounded. The area is encircled, more than five shells are hitting the citadel while two shells are hiting the Ali Bin Abi Taleb mosque
Qusair: the daily sit-in has started and people are chanting for toppling the regime
Qusair: God is Greater chants from Ali Ibn Abi Taleb Mosque, along with fire from anti-aircraft weapons

Qasir: dispersion of a sit-in by heavy machine gun shooting Hawla: fire shooting in the air by elements of the security and the army at the checkpoint of the Houria roundabout. On top of this, stun grenades are thrown to disperse the demonstrators
AlRastam: residents are holding a sit-in in the main square to prevent the security forces from kidnapping the dead body of the Turkish truck driver before he is formally delivered to the embassy delegation Hama
Masyaf: Dr. Hasan Durzi and Ahmad Bazo have been arrested
martyrdom of Safwan Zahra from Hamidiyeh neighborhood after having been beaten yesterday evening with a baton by Shabiha members while he was participating to a demonstration. This assault on him led to brain injury and to his death after his transfer to the National Hospital. His family was forced to sign a document certifying that his death is due to a stone injury during a incident
Damascus Midan: a demonstration with a clear participation of women came out from Doqaq street
Midan: hundreds of people are taking part to the funerals of the martyr Shadi Arq going from Hudhayfah Bin Alyaman mosque to Halqa cemetery
wave of storming and arrests in Shurta street in Daf Al-Shouk neighborhood after a demo chanting for toppling the regime took place before Iftar time Damascus Suburbs
Zamalka: A young girl and a man injured by security gunfire when they’ve been trying to disperse a demonstration
Zabadany: massive demonstration started after Taraweeh prayer from Al-Jeser Al-Kabeer (the big bridge) mosque in solidarity with the besieged cities and demanding the topple of the regime
Qatana: a demonstration came out after the Maghrib prayer asking for the break of the siege of Sar’an city by the security. The city was besieged by the Shabiha and the security which are surrounding the mosques and spreading barriers in different areas while proceeding with a massive campaign of raids and arrests
Douma: full power outage, and the security is running the sirens to terrorize the people, and attack on about 1,500 protester in the municipal square by the security forces and Shabiha (regime armed thugs
Zamalka A massive demonstration marched from Taouba mosque
Zamalka: Security forces disperse a demonstration using batons and detain dozens
Qara: demonstration after Taraweeh prayer chanted to topple the regimeDaraa
a women demonstration started in the Arba’in neighborhood after Taraweeh prayer asking for the fall of the regime Inkhil: Systematic gunfire in the city; area residents are responding by chanting, “Allahu Akbar
Inkhil: Security forces used heavy gunfire to disperse demonstrations setting off from the Sa’ad, Huda, Sahabeh, and other mosques
Jiza: security and military cordon around the town with raids on houses located in the surrounding farms. Until now, no intrusion or fire shooting are to be reported
Jiza: completely encircle of the town by the army and security and fear of storming in the next hours
Dael: protesters are chanting for freedom to the detainees and toppling the regime, and security forces enters the city again

Dael: massive demonstration started after Taraweeh prayer in Al-Awsat (middle) street in solidarity with the besieged cities and chanting for toppling of the regime
Nawa: A demonstration marched after Taraweh (Ramadan night prayer) chanting to topple the regimeJableh
Isam Dawod was arrested in front of his house in Al-Drebieh neighborhood in which security forces and Shabieha have set fire in two shops
Dr. Zhra Al-Bitar and her sister Amal Al-Bitar were arrested by air-force security from Jableh airport, before they get on a plane to Egypt, Dr. Zahra was treating protests’ wounded people since the start of the uprising, and received some threats from her pro-regime colleagues
Military forces raid Al Thaghra, Al Dribah, Al Ezi neighborhoods again from Al Masbah street side
more than 20 security and military cars arrived to Al Faid neighborhood and closed Al Faid road with barricades next to AL Faid mosqueLattakia
The Beirakdar Mosque in the Sleibeh area is under siege by security vehicles; multiple people were randomly arrested as they exited the mosque
both Abdulwahhab Qlinjo, 33 years, and Ahmad Omar Rifaee 30 years, where arrested in Raml
A demonstration marched from Fatahi mosque in Slaibeh in solidarity with Jableh and the besieged cities and chanting to topple the regime Aleppo
a demonstration in Marjeh neighborhood is asking for the fall of the regim


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We will continue our peaceful revolution against the dictator regime of Asad until the last drop of our blood. The dictator Bashar Asad the president of Syria has killed more than 2200 peaceful and honest people in 4 months and has detained more than 75000 people and we still do not know anything about 15000 people who have disappeared and kidnapped by the regime for the last 4 months. It is a call for all free people in the world to support The Syrian people against the dictatorship and against the genocides which is happening right now in Syria.
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